can we talk about the height difference between Kris and Yixing


No we can’t.

Like, I’m 19 cm shorter than XingXing I don’t event want to know that I must look like a hobbit next to Laxy.


They said wolf instead of  ”oolf” OMGG

The squeaky voices are amazing, Nice harmonizing and whispering voices though..and the rap part O_O

EXO's Adventure
EXO - Adventure (Written by Chai)
Kris: guyz. I'm feeling reckless today. feelin' hardcore. let's do something
Xiumin: like what
Kris: like something totally badass
Baekhyun: hA yEah ok. Kris you're the FURTHEST thing from badass
Kris: you just don't know what swg is
Luhan: I don't know guys, Kris might be right. maybe we should do something ...something we aren't supposed to do. somethin illegal
Xiumin: wow luhan you're so hardcore, I'm impressed
Luhan: I know, it's all part of my manly image
Chanyeol: so...what do you guys want to do???
Tao: let's go steal all of the hairspray
Kris: too boring. NEXT
Kai: let's break into the dance room
Kris: why would we do that when we're already in there every day ???? NEXT
D.O: let's put poison into SM's water supply
Kris: grEAT idea!!!!
Chen: are you joking that's psychotic as fuck
Kris: well Chen, I guess you aren't cool enough to ride with the rhinos
Chen: what rhinos-
Kris: to swim with the sharks
Chen: what the fuck
Kris: to party with the piranhas
Chen: pls stop
Sehun: can all of you just shUt UpPp
Suho: sehunnie!!! don't speak to your hyungs that way please :((((
Sehun: shut up bitch
Suho: aww :((
Kris: yeah suho shut the fuck up
Kai: so if we don't poison the water supply then what do we do
Kris: *gasp* I have a plan guyz
Sehun: ugh great
Kris: are you gonna ask me what the plan is?????
Tao: I really don't care pls shut up
Kris: let's go SKINNY DIPPING
Baekhyun: that's the shittiest idea ever
Kris: actually no it's a GREAT idea
Baekhyun: I'm 100% sure you just want to see every one naked
Kris: are you the leader here bacon bitch ???? no. I am
Baekhyun: barely
Kris: o rlly??? come over here, I'll kick your ass. I was leader of my boyscout troop back in canada, I've seen things that would fuck with your mind
Tao: are you talking about the time you set your tent on fire ??? HAHAH
Kris: what would you know Tao ??? it was traumatizing
Chen: all of you are seriously the biggest idiots I've ever seen
Kris: o really ??? do you call THIS idiotic ???? *punches a wall* oWWWWWWWW ow ow ow OW that hurt omg omg I'm dying omg omg hELP ME
Tao: bby!!!!! *runs to save kris*
Chen: hey kyungsoo
D.O: what
Chen: ...maybe we SHOULD poison the water supply